Optical Augmented Reality Metrology, the future of Metrology?

Measuring Key points on a complex featureless surface can be extremely difficult, locating the points in a cost-effective manner is half the challenge. Figuring out where they are on the CAD model and the real model is the other.



Let’s introduce ProjectionWorks: Direct Project. Direct project allows you to instantaneously project every point which needs measuring, these can then be measured with nearly any metrology device, let’s use a HEXAGON ROMER arm for now.


Once you’ve taken your measurements just hit one button in whatever software you’re using (SA, Polyworks etc.) and the Projection updates with the measurement you just took. You get a live visualisation of exactly what is going on with your part in comparison to the CAD model.


Let’s say you then sand down a location on the part. Retake the measurements, hit the button and you’ve got you live projection of the work you just did. Direct project shows you your part imperfections and turbo charges your workforce’s efficiency in resolving them.

Who’s using ProjectionWorks

This technology can be used to disrupt any manufacturing industry where visual instruction can be used to increase quality and efficiency

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