We specialise in three areas of technology: Optical Projection, Reverse Engineering and Robotics. 

Our mission is to drive business competitiveness within the UK and Europe.

We help companies use advanced digital technologies to become global leaders in their respective field. Our technologies consistently reduce errors and drive efficiency in complex manufacturing or assembly environments and they are real – they are in place working on shops floors around the world.

We are world class experts in projection, reverse engineering, digital work instruction and robotics. These advanced technologies are transforming production processes and driving efficiency and innovation across the manufacturing sector. Our customers are seeing zero defects through the elimination of paper work instructions and drawings. We help clients across the globe select and apply the right technology for their business needs.

We work mainly in aerospace but we will work wherever we can make a difference. We are rapidly expanding as a company because of our ‘can do’ attitude followed up with exceptional customer support. We play the long game and are interested in generating long term mutually beneficial business relationships not short-term profit.

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